Why we’re doing this

Have you ever started working with a new client only to find the last bookkeeper left you a mess? In the industry, these “clean up” jobs are often shared in disgust via social media and social gatherings. Some even specialize in this vertical and have a built their practice around it.

QuickBooks, Xero and other software manufacturers build products that are used by most bookkeepers worldwide. While these are mostly great products with rules, systems and procedures, they do a poor job at eliminating process errors. They still rely on human decision making and education to avoid these errors. But most bookkeepers are under trained and often learn on the job. Certifications provided by the manufacturers and other entities in the industry are not managing the day to day use of their skills.

EVERY SINGLE TIME a plane is about to taxi for takeoff, the highly trained and skilled pilot and co-pilot open a binder or an iPad and follow a step by step checklist. They do this because people’s lives are at stake. They have buzzers and alarms and gauges and meters that warn them as well, but they never avoid the checklist, ever.

When a bookkeeper sets up a new client or downloads bank feeds into QuickBooks, they often do it from memory. Also, every bookkeeper has their own style, opinions and methods. We’re not here to tell you which methods to use; we just want to make sure that there’s consistency and documented processes for handoffs to other bookkeeping professionals.

Imagine if the pilot did that. They might forget to lower the flaps or turn on the A/C for the passengers or maybe they only started one engine.

While managing someone’s financial information and doing proper bookkeeping may not be considered mission critical, such as piloting a passenger airplane, it is the core of a business.

Bad bookkeeping can be disastrous to a business owner. While it may not appear to bring direct danger to lives, it truly does. Losing money or worse, financial failure, can destroy lives and eliminate freedom, comfort and security.

Plane crashes take lives. Business crashes destroy lives.

We need a system. We need guidance. We need help. The entire industry can benefit from better bookkeeping.


ProcessAccountant — Standardized Instruction Methods

ProcessAccountant builds and maintains Standard Operating Processes known as “Methods” and provides them as a set of instructions in lists, and later we will be adding diagrams, narrations and Handymation™ video.

To learn more, search the Methods database. We’re just getting started, so it’s mostly test data. What we really want is for you to contribute YOUR Method. Be a part of this revolution and contribute today. Our contributors are our industry leaders.